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Bring your community into focus. Through beautifully shareable lifestyle videos, animated storybooks, and more, PropertyPhotos helps showcase everything your community has to offer. Our videos sell renters on what life could be like at your community.

Why Our Videos?

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Video Production - Highly experienced videographers
Video Production - Cutting-edge video equipment

The full-service video production house at PropertyPhotos delivers video content optimized for social media and favored by search engines. We create your video to deliver high production value with cinematic quality while highlighting all the features and amenities at your property.

After completing your video, we’ll host if for you and build a custom video player based on your brand’s look and feel. From there, we can even share it for you across popular social media platforms.

As the views start adding up, we’ll let you know who is watching your video and where. Our analytics dashboard shows everything you need to know about your viewers, including the website from which they viewed the video.

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Animated Storybooks

Bring your community to life through photos, animation, and music. From highlighting amenities to showcasing your neighborhood, animated story books convey your community’s dynamic appeal while engaging the viewer and skipping the wordy page descriptions.

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Before and After

Have a new construction? Take the stress out of your lease up with a before and after video from PropertyPhotos. The before video compiles artist renderings with stock footage while your property is under construction to build buzz for your community and promote a successful lease up. Then, after your property is complete, we’ll come to your property to shoot a full video of your brand-new community.

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Filmed professionally by multifamily and video experts, our lifestyle videos highlight all the things that make your community an amazing place to live.

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The sky is the limit when you choose a PropertyPhotos drone video. All of our drone operators are Part 107 FAA certified. With our skilled piloting and video expertise, we can reach new heights with your community’s marketing.

Meet Our Video Team

The PropertyPhotos video team has decades of combined experience professionally producing videos and more for the multifamily industry. We know how to show your community in the best possible light. Our team of award-winning innovators and designers comes equipped with the professional tools and technology needed to bring your community to life. We have fun on the job, but we’re serious about making great video. More than anything, we are passionate about customer service and making you look good.

Meet our video team

Available Video Options

Stock Location Only

Stock Location Only

This sixty-second video option allows you to add video content about your location without requiring a huge budget. The video, produced by our professional team, uses stock photos and location footage along with stock licensed music. Your logo and contact info appear at the end.

Stock Location and Property Photos with Graphics

Stock Location and Property Photos with Graphics

Do you have graphics to use but no time for an entire video shoot? These videos range from sixty to ninety seconds and use photos or renderings provided by you to showcase your community. We’ll complement your assets with stock location footage of the surrounding neighborhood and set it to licensed music chosen by you. The intro and closing graphics will focus on your logo.

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Property and Locations Lifestyle with Video Shoot

Running between sixty and ninety seconds, these highly customized videos showcase the lifestyle you want your property to covey. The video shoot includes one model unit, your amenities, exteriors, and signage. To create the look and feel you want, we’ll also shoot video of up to fifteen client-selected locations within a three-mile radius of the community to show off area nightlife, shopping, dining, and anything else that makes your neighborhood stand out. Along with licensed music chosen by you, this option includes either text graphics or voiceover narration to tell your community’s story.

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Story Book

Cinematics incorporate a unique mix of motion, still photography, and music to highlight the amenities and features available within each of your properties. These captivating, storybook-style presentations last approximately one minute and deliver the finest aspects of properties I a fun, engaging way.

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Before and After

The ideal option for lease-ups or properties undergoing renovation, Before and After shoots include everything in the Property and Locations Lifestyle with Video Shoot package as well as a sixty-second “before” video. Your “before” content uses your photos and renderings in addition to stock neighborhood and lifestyle footage, allowing you to build anticipation and enhance SEO performance while your property is still under construction. Once completed, we schedule a full shoot for your “after” content.

2D/3D Floorplan with Virtual Tour

Video App

Put yourself in the director’s chair with this budget-friendly option. Our app will automatically upload footage shot by you to our servers. We’ll edit together the best thirty to sixty seconds of your clips and set it to licensed music chosen by you. Along with opening and closing graphics based on your logo, we’ll add text graphics or voiceover narration to help highlight your property’s best assets. This option is ideal for publicizing community events, publishing resident interviews, or creating other supplementary content for your property’s YouTube channel and social media outlets.

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It’s your video. Let’s do it your way. Take any of our video packages and customize it by using drone video, scripted talent, striking time-lapse footage, beautiful night shots, or anything else you can envision. Custom shoots are ideal for corporate videos, interviews, event shoots, or any other type of video that doesn’t fit one of our other packages. We provide storyboard and custom theme assistance to help your property’s story coalesce around your custom needs.