Does PropertyPhotos photograph during all seasons?

Yes! However, we recommend springtime through summer for exteriors, as the fall and winter seasons present potential weather issues. Depending on your subscription plan, if you have multiple visits included, we would be able to split the exteriors and interiors, capturing interiors immediately, and then capturing exteriors once the weather gets better.

Typical Community photography is completed within a two-hour time limit, while adding Matterport or drone photography will add to the length of the session.

Twilight photography is a product that includes our Community photography product. Twilight photography captures exteriors of a property during the twilight hour, when many property exterior lights are on, giving a different look and feel loved by clients and prospects alike.

We appreciate having someone from the property to accompany the photographer; however, an alternative is to supply keys for the photographer to access areas that are locked (the gym or pool, for example).

Contact your assigned photographer if the schedule date and time is outside of the 24-hour window from the shoot. If it is within 24 hours of the scheduled date and shoot, please contact Photodesk@realpage.com or call 1-888-952-5469.

If you have more than one model unit available, we will start with the largest model unit first. We will add additional units if time allows, focusing on areas that offer the most differentiation (kitchen or living area, for example).

We will photograph an empty unit. Please make sure there are working lightbulbs installed in the unit (if applicable). We do not photograph occupied units.

We can fix grass (both color and dead patches) as well as pools. We have not yet included the option to add flowers or to add leaves to trees.

What do I need to provide for a floorplan?

We'll need your property's most up-to-date 2D floorplan diagrams. These floorplans need to include legible labels and dimensions, total square footage, and placement icons showing appliances and fixtures.

No. We create virtual tours using the 3D furnished floorplans we create. That way, VTs and 3D images will always match.

We will provide a gallery for you to review your content, request changes, and make approvals.

One round of revisions is included at no additional cost.

We can still make your floorplans. We will need your architectural diagrams and interior design details. You can find options for finishes and materials on the implementation forms.

You can use the same images on both property sites but would need to purchase a license for the floorplans for both properties. For SEO value, we recommend creating a completely new order for that property.

How do I prepare my property for my video shoot?

Your video producer will send you a list of ways to prepare for your video shoot once you schedule your shoot.

Our videographers are self-sufficient, so they can typically shoot the video without much assistance. However, they will need a point person who can answer their questions and give them access to the model unit or any other locked amenities.

You can reschedule your video shoot up to 48 hours before the scheduled filming date and time for any reason at no additional charge. If our videographer is unable to film the exterior of the property due to inclement weather, your producer will reschedule filming to a later date at no additional charge. If you reschedule within 48 hours of the shoot for any reason other than weather, a $400 cancellation fee will apply.

One model unit is included in each video package. We suggest you pick the model unit with the most upgrades and which best reflects your property. We can shoot additional model units for an additional charge.

A furnished model unit is preferred, but we can shoot a vacant unit for you instead.

We can shoot inside local businesses for your video; however, you will need to obtain written permission from the business prior to the video shoot.

No, we can only include media in your video to which you or we have full rights.

Unfortunately, most Top 40 artists don’t often give rights to their songs, and it is cost prohibitive even when they do. However, we can usually find songs in our library that have a similar vibe/sound.

You cannot Photoshop video the way you can photos, which is why consumers find video more reliable. We recommend that you make sure the property looks exactly the way you want it to appear in the video prior to the video shoot.

You will get a first draft for review and one round of free revisions, so make sure all parties who have a say in the video review it before you submit changes, then submit all edits at one time.

We can send you the file at an additional charge. However, the video link and code can be used almost anywhere online, so you may not need the file. We will upload your video to a list of certain sites for no additional charge. Please ask your producer for more information.

We can add your video to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites at no additional charge. All we need is the login information for each account, and we will add the video for you.

Contact us at video@realpage.com and let us know about your new phone number, address, and/or website. We do charge a nominal fee to update your video and video page, covering the edits, recalling, and re-launching of your video. Your video code and video link will not change, so no action will be required to update your sites.

Yes! There are several options for updating existing videos. If you have high-resolution pictures of your updated property, you can send them to us, and we can replace the old shots with new ones. We can do a partial reshoot if only a few items in your video need updating. We can reshoot the whole video if you would like to refresh all of the footage. Contact us at video@realpage.com for more info and pricing.

You can email arcustomerservice@realpage.com with all of your billing questions.

What kind of reference material will I need to send

see Client Reference Guide PDF

1-2 weeks to send to implementations. Implementations currently take 2 weeks to complete. We are in the early stages of adjusing the implementations roadmap

Yes, you can.

Yes. Our clients approve their Site Maps through a link we send via Invision.

Yes. Our stlyes are available for viewing in our form gallery, https://www.tfaforms.com/4672963

You will receive one free round of revisions with your order.

Yes, you can.

Yes, you can.

Yes, you can.