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PropertyPhotos is an ever-expanding nationwide network of professional field photographers. No matter where your property is located, you can expect to work with a vetted photographer who meets our exacting standards. Our photographers are not only skilled; they’re also equipped with the latest gear and technology, including drones and Matterport cameras. PropertyPhotos is committed to providing you with the best results and excellent customer service. Our team of talented creators is ready to work wherever you are.


Project showcase of the open license system

File management should be easy. When you use our Digital Asset Manager (DAM), you and your team can manage, access, and use all your assets, across every property, from one secure and centralized place. Use our file management system to:

  • Store and host photographs, videos, virtual tours, and floorplans
  • Use our smart categorization system to organize and locate your content
  • Optimize your content with real-estate specific tags
  • Share your content to social media platforms with ease
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Digital Healthcheck™

Be confident in your digital asset choices with PropertyPhotos’ Digital HealthCheck™. This detailed analysis of your assets will provide you with clear and actionable recommendations to improve your online presence. With the Digital HealthCheck™, you can:

  • Check your asset's quality rating
  • Monitor where on the web an asset has been used
  • Mitigate the risk of using unauthorized works
  • Take action against outdated, low-quality, or high-risk assets
  • Make sure the content you use is healthy and optimized for use

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Our team of professionally trained photographers, videographers, animators, and copy writers provide you with the opportunity to create captivating media that adds to your portfolio’s exposure.

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Kim Clarkin - Photographer Highlight

Photographer Highlight

Kim Clarkin

As a PropertyPhotos Photographer, Kim strives to capture every community in the best light and delivers imagery that a community can be proud to call "home".

Project showcase of the open license system

If you want to deliver a personalized message that sells your property’s to prospects based on their interests and lifestyle, work with our professional team of creatives to bring your vision to life. Acting as an extension of your team, our photographers, videographers, floorplan animators, and VR experts are ready to capture or create content that will:

  • Reflect your brand and capture its essence
  • Elevate your online presence
  • Enhance marketing performance with SEO optimized content
  • Increase your click-through rate (CTR) with compelling content
  • Boost your leasing performance
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In the current digital landscape, it is vital to stay on top of the latest trends and maintain rich, consistent content across your entire portfolio. PropertyPhotos matches your goals for your brand with your need for peace of mind. Print it. Email it. Share it on social media. Use your content – images, video, floorplans, and virtual tours – however you want and without fear. The legality of asset use is no longer an issue. With PropertyPhotos, you can:

  • License or own content for any property, anywhere
  • Improve your marketing performance and conversion rate with high-quality, immersive content
  • Maintain a cohesive and consistent brand identity
  • Engage prospects and residents across the platforms and websites they use
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Project showcase of the open license system